Subject: Bootdisks and Bootable CDs.

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On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, KL Davis wrote:

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> > (btw DMA/66-100 is bs, the drives can still run at 33)
> Yes, I am quite aware that most drives are backwards compatable with DMA/33
> and even older standards. And I would tend to agree that DMA/66 is hype (not
> so much BS) - But... I do not know is you have looked over the white papers
> for ATA/100? It is a rather sophisticated TX technology! (and I am not just
> saying this because Quantum supplies me with free test and evaluation
> drives!).
> What I would like to know, if you really have figured this out? Is how you
> access a HDD mounted on a HPT or Promise interface without support for the
> device?! The fact is, some of the prototype and reference mobos we get have
> dropped a lot of the antiquated technology (a good thing)... so we see
> boards now with no ISA slots and itegrated ATA/100 (RAID) support... and,
> ah... IDE plugs are left on only to support CDROM devices - are they also
> going to go the way of the buffalo soon?
> This is not really a problem, as drivers (test) are available for nealry all
> the interfaces -- but I really would dig if you could explain to us less
> informed if you know a way to access through these new controllers without
> adopting the standard?
> BTW... If you are really interested in looking at a new bootup idea... let
> me know? I would have to send a NDA for your company to sign (not my idea!),
> but it is a pretty simple (and cool) method?
What happened to this as OpenSource? Why would you ask for an NDA for an
open project... 
> Later...

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