Subject: Bootdisks and Bootable CDs.

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> > (btw DMA/66-100 is bs, the drives can still run at 33)
> Yes, I am quite aware that most drives are backwards compatable with DMA/33
> and even older standards. And I would tend to agree that DMA/66 is hype (not
> so much BS) - But... I do not know is you have looked over the white papers
> for ATA/100? It is a rather sophisticated TX technology! (and I am not just
> saying this because Quantum supplies me with free test and evaluation
> drives!).

If you weren't saying it because of it, why say it at all?

> What I would like to know, if you really have figured this out? Is how you
> access a HDD mounted on a HPT or Promise interface without support for the
> device?! The fact is, some of the prototype and reference mobos we get have
> dropped a lot of the antiquated technology (a good thing)... so we see
> boards now with no ISA slots and itegrated ATA/100 (RAID) support... and,
> ah... IDE plugs are left on only to support CDROM devices - are they also
> going to go the way of the buffalo soon?

Sounds like you are one that contributes to the hype.

Gee, i'n not a graduate engineer, but it seems to me all that is needed is
to get _to_ the cd-rom. From there you can insmod any driver you want. I'm
the guy beating stuff up every day on a production system in the real
world, not the "clean room" that engineers are so used to. That method
certainly works in the real world. I seriously doubt that IDE is going
away. That's like people that said PCI would rid the world of ISA. Hmm,
last PC I bought had an ISA slot, so much for them.

I don't think the target of LFS/ALFS is trying to install on a high-end
system as well.

If you are what you say you are, then you have access to technology that
won't be dployed for some time to come. No need to crystal ball that far
ahead. Get something working for what is out there today. With a good
framework, functionality can be added at will.

> This is not really a problem, as drivers (test) are available for nealry all
> the interfaces -- but I really would dig if you could explain to us less
> informed if you know a way to access through these new controllers without
> adopting the standard?

Again, something in the rooms of those creating drivers is not something
i'd bet my product on.

> BTW... If you are really interested in looking at a new bootup idea... let
> me know? I would have to send a NDA for your company to sign (not my idea!),
> but it is a pretty simple (and cool) method?
> Later...

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