Subject: Bootdisks and Bootable CDs.

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> If you weren't saying it because of it, why say it at all?
Because I just think that it is a good standard? As you probably recall, in
the past, we offhandedly scoffed many things that were touted as the
do-all-to-end-all in computer technology? And many rightfully so! Recall
when PCI was introduced and most of us refered to it as "Pocket Change for
Intel"? wondering how they thought they could ever replace MicroChannel? Or
VLB! Hell... VLB was fast and stable with processor speeds as fast a 66Mhz

Then DMA/33... openly accepted by most and worthy of its acceptance - a good
standard. Then came ATA/66... a disappointment to most! I was just pointing
out that (imho) ATA/100 is not just another fluff job, it has soem great

> Sounds like you are one that contributes to the hype.
When it is deservant...

>I seriously doubt that IDE is going
> away. That's like people that said PCI would rid the world of ISA. Hmm,
> last PC I bought had an ISA slot, so much for them.
Might want to take a look at the newest mobos? You will see that many of
them *have* dropped the ISA slot, it is garbage and needs to go away! Also,
you may want to take a look at what is being done with the newest chip
sets... you may notice that many are devoid of support for the ISA slot?
(heck, some have dropped the traditional South Bridge all together!) Face
it, the ISA Standard turn 20 next year! Time to move on...

> If you are what you say you are, then you have access to technology that
> won't be dployed for some time to come. No need to crystal ball that far
> ahead. Get something working for what is out there today. With a good
> framework, functionality can be added at will.
Very true! And as much as I hate buzz-words, I often tell  people "Yep, it
can *scale*... right into the dumpster" - as often, that is the most
practicle way!

I guess I yam what I yam... no crystal ball. You can go buy a mobo right now
with all of this stuff on it - and people are.

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