Subject: Bootdisks and Bootable CDs.

KL Davis info at
Wed Sep 13 12:29:00 PDT 2000

> Uhh, if ALFS and LFS are open source projects, why in the HELL would you
> offer to give a proprietary booting option to it WITHOUT also releasing
> the source code? Are you TRYING to hurt the project? Or is this just a
> possible sale to you? Your comment sure the hell makes it appear like you
> don't know diddly about Open Source.
> (Sorry Gerard, but this ticked me off and bad.)

I did not offer anything to ALFS... I simply asked if you would like to
maybe see something new? An nda does not mean that source is not available
or that a Open Source licencse will not be used? It does appear that one of
us does know diddly...

NDAs are used quite often in business and research - Yes, even Open Source
and Linux! All an NDA means is that you agree to not disclose SOMETHING
specifeid in the nda. I have seen them as simple as not disclosing the names
of the people who are working on the project - perhaps from their evil
corporate owners who would claim the idea as company property?

The idea is hard code atually and resides between the POST and BOOTSTRAP and
does not really care what OS in onboard? Anyway, the offer was to you and
you alone... it also still stands.

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