About these arguments lately

KL Davis info at nanux.com
Wed Sep 13 21:19:51 PDT 2000

> There is no need for anybody to reply to this message. This is just a
> request from your "Friendly Project Leader" (tm) and not the start of a
> discussion.
Sorry for breaking that request... But, I just sat down after BattleBots (I
love them!) and decided that I should write the list anyway. I have been
following LFS for some time now and have enjoyed it a great deal - I really
did not chime in much in the LFS dev, because I felt I joined in rather
late.. but ALFS, now when I heard of that!

So, I threw out a few ideas and faithfully read every email, every day...
but, it seems that it is out of place? I have no hard feelings against
anyone and truely wonder why some people got so spun up over silly things?
The only thing that I would like to rebutte is the comment that I "know
diddly" about Open Source? I have donated literally hundreds of hours to OS
dev projects - literally dozens of projects and more individual efforts. I
have travelled at my own expense to Linux seminars and events and helped out
anyway that I could (sometimes that means just helping carry tables and
chairs) and was part of OS long before there was Linux... back when we were
just a bunch of geeks trying to hack out something better.

You know, actually... one more thing. The implication that I am "TRYING to
hurt ALFS"... man, get a grip.

Nope, actually I am bailing... hooked up and shuffling! I will continue to
prop LFS/ALFS when I get the chance (as I have since the start) and have no
doubt that you will do super - amd I wish you the best in you business
venture? Please understand that this is simply because I just have far to
many other irons in the fire - including the AI project (OS AI, naturally)
for all you other BBot fans! 200lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal... with
a flightless bird brain!


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