About these arguments lately

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Sep 13 21:32:01 PDT 2000

> So, I threw out a few ideas and faithfully read every email, every day...
> but, it seems that it is out of place? I have no hard feelings against
> anyone and truely wonder why some people got so spun up over silly things?
> The only thing that I would like to rebutte is the comment that I "know
> diddly" about Open Source? I have donated literally hundreds of hours to OS
> dev projects - literally dozens of projects and more individual efforts. I
> have travelled at my own expense to Linux seminars and events and helped
> out anyway that I could (sometimes that means just helping carry tables and
> chairs) and was part of OS long before there was Linux... back when we were
> just a bunch of geeks trying to hack out something better.
> You know, actually... one more thing. The implication that I am "TRYING to
> hurt ALFS"... man, get a grip.
> Nope, actually I am bailing... hooked up and shuffling! I will continue to
> prop LFS/ALFS when I get the chance (as I have since the start) and have no
> doubt that you will do super - amd I wish you the best in you business
> venture? Please understand that this is simply because I just have far to
> many other irons in the fire - including the AI project (OS AI, naturally)
> for all you other BBot fans! 200lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal... with
> a flightless bird brain!

As the "leader" here I feel responsible for what goes on on the lists and I 
do apologize for the statements that were made about people not knowing 
diddly about OpenSource and people trying to hurt LFS. I didn't agree with 
those statements made as much as you did. But can we all be grown up about 
it? People have been hurt, insulted, offended and I don't want that to happen 
again, not in the way it happened the past days. I'm sure we all have said 
things were are sorry about. 

How about we try to put it behind us and live in peace again?

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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