nALFS: New ALFS backend/frontend, all in one

Jason Gurtz jason at
Wed Aug 8 08:38:18 PDT 2001

> It's C, it's ncurses, it's GPL, and it's here:
>     http://www.beotel.yu/~has/projects/alfs/index.html

Hi there

	I've taken a quick look see and have to say nice thing you've done here.
All is quiet, and then this bombshell lands!  :)  I know Jesse was working
on getting a C based ALFS going also, but you've gotten a good deal done all
ready.  He's on vacation at the moment and don't know if he knows about this
at all, but maybe this could be the new ALFS if you'd want such a thing and
he thinks so also.

	I looked also at the profile and it looks like it is using the same syntax
as the original Perl ALFS or similar.  How do you feel about the new style
syntax that is in the alfs cvs now?  Not asking for a change necessarily,
but just curious really?  Anyway, it's not in the OLD dir in cvs, but I have
a copy of the old syntax.txt if you want.  Maybe I should really put it back
in the OLD dir?



| Jason at |

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