nALFS: New ALFS backend/frontend, all in one

Jason Gurtz jason at
Wed Aug 8 20:37:19 PDT 2001

> Well, let's wait for him to return first (same for a 
> suggestion below).

Yea, we'll just wait...hurry up Jesse!

> I do intend to follow all the changes (syntax or whatever) 
> and eventually
> split the program to the backend/frontend network thing (not 
> very soon though).
> So it will be ALFS one way or another. ;)

Coolness  :)

> When I decided to write a new code, there were no new syntax 
> ideas, so I
> just followed a Perl backend I was using at the time, [...]


> Of course, like I said, I do intend to change the program to 
> use the new
> syntax, but only when it becomes "completely official" and widely used
> (profile-wise). The syntax file in CVS, if we are looking at 
> the same think
> (docs/syntax/syntax.txt), really needs more "alfs-discussion".
> I don't remember there were much?

There was a bit, but not too much.  One major area not decided yet is
the textdump and search and replace functions....but yea best to wait

> So if I may suggest that you copy&paste that file in a 
> message to this list
> and _scream_ for comments. After a few days, make the 
> proposed (and accepted)
> changes and post it again. After a week or two, make it official.

Sounds good; everyone look for it in about a week or so now.


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