Problem with nALFS profile

cbrands cbrands at
Sat Aug 11 22:40:03 PDT 2001


When I tried to use nALFS the compilation stopped at the static building of 
bzip2. I think the problem is with the profile and not with nALFS. When I look 
at the profile I see the following line.
    <make dir="&LFS;&buildDir;/&bzip2-dir;"
          param1="LDFLAGS=-static" />

With my very limited knowledge of xml I would interpret this as
make LDFLAGS=-static

However the book says
make -f - LDFLAGS=-static

So I tried 
    <make dir="&LFS;&buildDir;/&bzip2-dir;"
          param1="-f - LDFLAGS=-static" />

As well as
    <make dir="&LFS;&buildDir;/&bzip2-dir;"
          param1="-f" param2="-" param3="LDFLAGS=-static" />

But neiter case worked. In both cases nALFS did not give a compilation error 
but just froze.
Any idea what I can try next?

Charles Brands

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