nALFS: New version released

Neven Has haski at sezampro.yu
Thu Aug 16 04:25:22 PDT 2001

Besides a lot of changes "under the hood", there are a few cosmetic changes,
and some new features:

o   Multiple profiles support.
o   Reloading the profile from the program.
o   Marking elements and executing only those marked.
o   Executing elements below the current, not only it's children.
o   Because of the two new features above, 'r' command now expects that you
    choose one of the "run methods". See README if it totally confuse you.
o   Hiding the comments.

The profile is not updated, it's just renamed and split into chapters, so
you can try something like "./nALFS profiles/*.xml" and see how neat it is. ;)
I'm probably not going to update it before new stable book release.

Same place:



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