nALFS vs. rALFS ???

Jason Gurtz jason at
Tue Aug 21 09:18:27 PDT 2001

> Now... I've heard about two systems capable of this (correct me if I'm
> wrong) nALFS and rALFS... But which one should I use? Is there any
> difference in terms of functionality? What is peoples experiences with
> these two systems?

Well, besides that fact that nALFS is written in C and rALFS is Shell
scripting extrodinaire there are a few differenses that I know about.  One,
rALFS has been around a while and the author has extended it quite a bit.
AFAIK, it even keeps track of what's installed where, so that it's easy to
uninstall.  nALFS is keeping closer to the original ideas of "ALFS."  It
uses XML profiles as a system building "script," Just like the first
implementation of ALFS, written in Perl.  On  you may
find some links to other versions of automated system building tools.  Also,
for info on the old "official" perl version of ALFS, currently the syntax is
undergoing change, as well as other things.  If you're interested, read the
mailing list archives of the last few months.




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