backend makefiles

Matthias Benkmann matthias at
Wed Aug 22 02:29:04 PDT 2001

I'm sorry that I can't properly reply in this thread but my 
subscription failed. Anyway, my makefiles are not finished, yet. I 
have finished the pre-chroot part and will now begin with the chroot 
stuff. What has given me some trouble yesterday was the move of glibc 
from chapter 5 to chapter 6. I want to incorporate my package user 
system in the makefiles as an option and for that reason they use "su 
$(INSTALLUSER) $(MAKE) ..." to initiate the actual make. However su 
does not seem to work before glibc is installed although it is 
statically linked, and it doesn't swallow numeric UIDs. I solved this 
problem by writing my own su.c to replace the one from sh-utils 
(which gets overwritten by the shadowpwd one anyway) and will now 
start working on chroot stuff. Again the package user stuff will 
probably give me trouble, so it may take a week or so. When I'm 
finished I plan to post it as a hint to lfs-discuss.

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