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> Only a short question on this Balu, what _is_ the 'Netiquette'?

Short: The rules of Netlife.

netiquette /net'ee-ket/ or /net'i-ket/ n. 

[Coined by Chuq von Rospach c.1983] [portmanteau, network + etiquette]
The conventions of politeness recognized on Usenet, such as avoidance of
cross-posting to inappropriate groups and refraining from commercial
pluggery outside the biz groups. 

This is where the netiquette started. In older days people used to read
the netiquette before getting access to the net. It describes how people
should interact and how to behave on the net. You will find many
sometimes different versions nowadays. e.g.:

in special:

There is even an RFC:

One of the biggest rules I think is:
Treat others as you want them to treat you.

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