Profiles archive?

Paul Campbell paul at
Fri Aug 31 05:26:52 PDT 2001

I am new, and I was wondering if there is a central store of profiles that I 
can raid?  I have just completed my first 3.0pre4 aLFS build, and I'm hungry 
for more.

I'm especially interested in a server type profile for NFS, samba, NAT 
router, postfix, imap etc.

I am also considering getting into some hacking, only the changes I thought 
of making to the 3.0pre4 profile are site specific, like a proper fstab and 
copying over config files like inputrc and bash profiles and hosts files.  
I'm sure this could be opened up though.  Allow for these configs to be 
copyied from a directory on the host before chroot and then installed and 
modified before reboot.  Also the Kernel compile could use a copy of ones 
.config from somewhere, as with the lilo stuff, it would need to copy bzImage 
and System.maps about and I don't think I would trust even my own profile to 
run lilo. :)

I suspect that this hasn't been done for reasons I haven't seen yet.
exec su -c 'mount -a && ls /mnt/* -d | grep "win" | xargs rm -fr'
paul at
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