RC1 and sourcer 3.0

Felipe Contreras felipec at gmx.net
Fri Aug 31 21:36:23 PDT 2001


I know this might not be the place but I've done a quick release of the
version 0.2pre5 of sourcer, a source's installer, and it might help testing
LFS-3.0 RC1. With the latest version I was able to build a system with a
slightly modified version of the cvs book of Aug 29. Sourcer still has not
been heavily tested since I'm the only one using it at the moment. Right now
I'm working on two versions of sourcer, one on bash shell scripts, and the
other in C. The one written in C is still not finished but it will support
ALFS profiles as well as sourcer's profiles, and anyone, since I had a cool
idea. Sure, the sourcer's profiles will be the hardest to code :)

Althought Sourcer hasn't the profiles ready for LFS-3.0 RC1 I can work on
them if you ppl ask for it, it will be only small modifications.

Here is the home page:


Here you can check an example of what sourcer does (this is ready to be
executed by bash):


Here is also nice echos of the messages that sourcer shows to you (nothing
here is executed, just shown):


To show an example of how sourcer manages the profiles of each package here
are two lines from the "profiles" file.

base:[vim]:vim-5.8-rt.tar.bz2 vim-5.8-src.tar.bz2::ID=vim-5.8


This is the general information of two packages, vim and textutils. This
might not seem the perfect way of doing it but it has proven to work very
well. The first advantage is that you can modify just the name of the
tarballs, in order to upgrade to a newer version, the same happends with
patchs, very easy. The other advantage is that sourcer installs
"textutils.static" reading the information from the same line but executing
different commands, you can take advantage of this feature doing different
installations commands like textutils.lfs textutils.mine textutils.test and
all of them will use the same line in the profiles. There are some extra
features involved with this package.subgroup thing but I'll not mention

The installation has changed from simple scripts to commands inside xml
files, there is still support for the old format but I've not fixed things
to use it.

The default of a lot of packages is this:


Where everything should be inside <pkg></pkg>, inside those there should be
the steps <pre,init,config,make,install,post> the ones will be executed on
that order, but they don't have to be written that way (I'll have to work on
this), and inside those steps there should some <cmd> tags, that are the
commands to be runned. And if there is nothing insidethe steps the defaults
are used.

This has gone to far so I'll finish with the vim example:

[The line in the "profiles" file]
base:[vim]:vim-5.8-rt.tar.bz2 vim-5.8-src.tar.bz2::ID=vim-5.8

[The "vim.xml" file in the "xmlcomands/base" dir]
  <cmd>cd /usr/bin</cmd>
  <cmd>ln -sf vim vi</cmd>

[The ouput]

PD. Older versions were really ugly, I hope not so many ppl based their
judge of sourcer on them.

Felipe Contreras

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