Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Sat Feb 3 03:13:53 PST 2001


> Of course, but the end-user (majority in _A_LFS case) will still use
> the "best backend/frontend/whatever available".
> I agree though that we should allow them making their own stuff.
> Hell, that was one of the reasons for splitting tag handlers into files,
> for example. :)

:) I know thats why it's really nice. How about we come up with
some ideas of what we want in our future tarball.... 

command line version
xmlrpc daemon
xmlrpc web client
xmlrpc kde/qt client(?)

> Great. David? ( /me impatient as always :)

hehe,  /me stares @ david

> I don't know, just asking. I guess not.

I am fine with moving forward, I like alfs apps....


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