structure of ALFS

Donnie Roos dr at
Tue Feb 6 13:09:34 PST 2001

Hi all,

I would like to help out with ALFS. I have read the information that is
available on the website and lurked on the lists but not everything is
clear to me.

Is there a picture available on how ALFS is supposed to work?
I have read the messages about backends,frontends and xml-rpc but I don't
have a clue on how everything is related/connected

How is the package-management going to be set up?
Will ALFS build applications from the original source files or will it
be more like RPM (binaries with patches included)

And the last question for now: what tools are required to work with ALFS?

This week I am staying in a hotel so I will read up on ALFS (profiles, XML)
in the evening. Next week I am taking a month off and hopefully I will be able
to help out with ALFS.

Oh, if this is the wrong list for this please tell me so but it seemed the
most appropriate list.

Have fun,

Donnie Roos

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