alfs 1.4 and perl 5.005_03

Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Fri Feb 9 02:59:10 PST 2001

/me wonders if it's the weather :)

> Short answer -- for this particular case, you could just remove "my"
> keyword from that line, but it's pointless, see long answer.

? This perl version problem was the only serious problem 
I have heard of with this new version.

> Long answer -- the code is broken, see below.

How so?

> > hm. that's not too reassuring, is it? ;-)
> Actually the whole code that's in CVS right now is not very reassuring. :/

/me scurries through CVS looking for what others are seeing....

> Believe me, the first time I tried the new code and even found out it's
> there is yesterday, after your message, when I realized that "something is
> wrong". But I guess that's my fault, I should check it a bit more often.
> There are a lot of "simple" and "not so simple" errors and typos which is
> what bothers me -- it seems that it hasn't been tested _not once_. Also, it
> looks like it hasn't been merged with _latest_ code that was in CVS before

/me must be blind from staring @ this screen too long, please show
me what you are seeing. _What_ merges were missed? And what 
are the "simple"/"not so simple" errors?


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