David Siegel david.siegel at
Sun Feb 11 19:43:46 PST 2001


Neven wrote:

> > The strongest drawback of is, that it seems to require
> > perl 5.6. Another one is that it uses eval() heavily. I will
> > do another rewrite, I think. In the meantime I suggest we switch
> > back to alfs until is more stable . What do you think?
> It would be nice if we could make it work with some older perl versions, 
> at least 5.00503, since there are a lot of people still using it.

Agreed. I didn't want to introduce another requirement. Just happend...
The main problem is Carp::Heavy, right? It's used by croak(). Afaik, croak()
isn't new in perl 5.6. I will take a look at the code, but I don't have
an old perl around yet.

> I don't know if it's necessary to do another rewrite though ? I'm sure we 
> could think of something. :) But if you decide to do it anyway, go ahead. 
> Just let us know, because I would like to start hacking the code again, so it 
> would be nice to know. :)

Yeah, just start hacking. No need to wait.  /me will merge your changes
more carefully next time :)

btw, is there a reason why fix_text only fixes the first line of the text?

happy lfscratching,

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