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Jason Gurtz jason at
Wed Feb 14 14:56:41 PST 2001

> I'm doing something similar in the LFS book. Instead of using 'static'
> versions through sgml files (like in chapter 3 and appendix c) I declare
> version entities. Makes for easy upgrade to. No need to open
> chapter 5 and
> chapter 6 profile, find the package, chagne version there. Change it
> somewhere in the top of the profile which is easier in my opinion.

Hmm, that brings up two ideas for the wishlist:

The first(hard):  automagicly knowing package version numbers (for when we
have a true packaging system I'd guess.

The second(not so hard hopefully):  auto dealing with either gz or bz2
archives.  That's gota be the most annoying reason to have to go thru the
whole profile just to check wheather or not a package is correctly in the
profile as far as that goes. hehe


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