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Simon Perreault nomis80 at
Wed Feb 14 17:17:31 PST 2001

On Wednesday 14 February 2001 15:08, Bryan Dumm wrote:
> more thoughts?

I may be over-simplifying things here because I'm the newbie, but why not 
simple code all of this in the backend and leave the profile without <sudo> 

The backend figures out if it needs to sudo, based on which tag needs to be 
processed and which user it is currently, and then sudoes itself. The 
sudopass would be given as an entity.

This would be the thought process the backend would go through:

get next tag
hum, it is a make_install tag
dammit, i need to be root to do this tag
<becomes root>
<becomes mortal>
ok, let's get the next tag
hum, it is an mkdir, and i'm not supposed to be root for that tag
<tries mkdir>
hum, i can't do it, the profile is badly done or there is an unknown problem, 
i'll just report the error to the user, he'll tell me if it's ok to become 

Hum. I've thought of other possible cases, and we possibly would need a 
<sudo> tag or something. And maybe we would want not to be root, for some 
reason, but another user. Oh, we could just sudo to root and then sudo to the 
user, no need for another password.

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