frontends was(Re: linux package)

Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Wed Feb 14 17:28:04 PST 2001

> What I see is some kind of tree, listing the packages and their
> sub-sections and then the tags in the sections, so that you can
> expand/contract it and edit values, like... oh, no, like the MS registry.
> Well, I think it would work great, and then you would be able to edit
> everything without changing the profile. So you would just expand the linux
> item, change the appropriate values, and click on the compile button.
> So in this case, NOTHING must be hardcoded, especially in the profile. But
> if we can't have control like that while running the front-end, then
> hardcoding in the profile is ok.

Your idea above is what I have been thinking as well, registry style
or not. :) In fact the messaging model suggested elsewhere would 
fit very easy into the tree listing style. 

It also would allow the frontend to avoid doing a lot of work on a base
level of functionality. It just presents the profile or messages to the
profile, and let's the user determine the changes, etc.

A frontend though could continue to add functionality. Those could
be things like discovery to automagically change the profile for the
user, maybe implement the user profile ideas with the package profile,
and so on. 


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