Pkg. version handling in the front end? (was-- RE: linux package)

Jason Gurtz jason at
Thu Feb 15 10:19:15 PST 2001

> On Wed, Feb 14, 2001 at 05:56:41PM -0500, Jason Gurtz wrote:
> > Hmm, that brings up two ideas for the wishlist:
> >
> > The first(hard):  automagicly knowing package version numbers<snip>
> This is not hard, it's impossible. :)

  Let me try to think about this from a different angle.  Maybe somthing
like this is better implemented in the FrontEnd.  Since traking the
dependencies are a nightmare, there has to be room for user input on it.
Like, it parses the dir where all the packages are, and then compares that
with the profile loaded, then presents a list of packages that match the
profile, one's that don't, and ones that it can't figure out due to some
packages not using the standard nameing of <name>-m.m.m.tar.gz  Then the
user can decide what to do and that would go streight to the user profile.
Yeah, doesn't that sound better?

  In fact this really gets me thinking about user vs. 'base' profiles and
how that would/should work.  Like as in, if there is a conflict between the
two profiles, which one takes precedence. and is the answer to that question
always going to be the same?  What would be neat, is that you could have the
base and user profiles to start with.  With the front end doing different
things, those changes from there would get added to the user profile.  When
all the questions end, the user and base profiles get merged togeather into
a third/final working profile that is the one that actually get used.  This
way, that hard decision making can be interacting with the front end and the

  For example:  Say the base profile had listed the 2.4.1 version of the
kernel, and after starting the process, the FE notes a
linux-2.4.2pre10.tar.bz2 sitting there in /alfs/lfs-packages.  It flags
this, and prompts the user what to do with it. The user says yep that's what
i want and edits the user profile in the FE. And so on, with a few changes
to where things go, and adding a couple packages at the end.  So, then the
FE would merge the 2 profiles togeather, and present a list of the
differeces for review and or last second change.  Sort of a last check
before the real work starts of ./configure && make && make install.

Hope all that made sense


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