tag handlers as XML

Bryan Dumm bdumm at bobby.bcpub.com
Sat Feb 17 06:19:19 PST 2001

On Saturday 17 February 2001 19:04, you wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 17, 2001 at 01:36:41PM +0000, Bryan Dumm wrote:
> > I'll fight to keep this functionality in ALFS. You can use the normal
> > autoloader methods and never make a handler that uses XML. But
> > don't deny the rest of us who want such a feature. "it's not
> > going to stay".
> Please read this:
> <quote>
> > btw I think David is making the standard handlers back
> > into normal perl modules. But I would like to keep the
> > XML autoloader code, as it does work.
> Hm, then I guess I'll have to wait.
> As I already said, I have no problems with that autoloader code.
> </quote>
> Now read my second sentence again.
> If you have time, please re-read the whole thread.
> I have nothing new to say.

When you use words like

The point is -- we can't treat tag handlers as XML. They are not XML, and 
the only XML part of them is <register_tag>. That's only one (two) line(s) 
and could easily be replaced with the right function that does the same thing.

You said that David is working on exactly that. So I said that "<" is fine
as a temporary solution.

If he's working on that, it means it's going to be changed and it's not going 
to stay. That's my definition of temporary.

it sounds to me as if you want to get rid of XML handlers completely. 
"not going to stay", "could easily be replaced", etc.....


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