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Fabio Fracassi f.fracassi at
Mon Feb 19 06:49:50 PST 2001

On Saturday 17 February 2001 13:35, you wrote:

[explanation of alfs-app <-> deleted]

Now that makes sense, so if I got you right the alfs-app is kind of a 
frontbackend and the is a backbackend? :)

> BTW I appreciate your comments, as I agree that ALFS has
> "High Security Installation" capabilties. Does the seperation
> make more sense? 

Thanks, and yes it does.

> I wanted to keep the "encryption" of the
> basic <passwd> element as simple as say crypt. If we make it
> too specific we would eliminate frontends that could be made
> or work within our framework? 

I am still in doubt here, but I suppose that will stay until I see the actual 
implementation. So I would say lets see how it works, then we can still 
improve it, if it should become nessesary.

Otherwise I agree with you, I always prefer an simple system.


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