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Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Feb 1 04:35:05 PST 2001

> I just looked through the profiles, but didn't see any glaring problems.
> Hadn't tested it. Speaking of which, Gerard, if I just run Chap6 again
> through alfs would I move from 2.4.3 to 2.4.4?

Theoretically, yes. Newer packages will overwrite the files from older 
packages. Why do I say theoretically? It's a strong word, but there is a 
chance that a new package doesn't overwrite all the files (filenames may have 
been changed, or new ones added, old ones removed). In this particular case 
it'll work fine, but it's not always a guarantee you end up with a clean 

By the way, besides updating chapter 6 you may want to update the functions, 
rc and rcS scripts as well. They've been updated too. There's a little bit of 
an annoyance in the functions script regarding the killproc function. In a 
nutshell (from the TODO list):

* Modify the killproc function in the functions script. Right now it
  works roughly as follows: killl, wait 2 secs, check if pid's are gone.
  If not, kill with -KILL (aka -9), wait 2 secs, checkif pid's are gone.
  If no, print error message.

  This has to be changed into: kill, don't wait 2 secs but check for 
  pid's right away. If pid's are still there, then wait 2 seconds, check, if
  still there, kill -KILL, wait, if pid's still there, print error. Most
  daemons will exit
  immediately and the 2 second wait for every daemon slows things down

Gerard Beekmans

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