Bryan Dumm bdumm at bobby.bcpub.com
Thu Feb 1 19:15:02 PST 2001

On Thursday 01 February 2001 16:50, you wrote:
> I have attached a starting DTD, it is broken and needs  alot of work. 
> Right now it is just a translation of syntax.txt.  I want to fix it but my
> main concern is not breaking someone elses work.  

Breaking, as in the profiles we have now? Or someone elses DTD work?

>Primarily I think we need to define what the preconfigure, configure, 
postconfigure, prebuild .... and so on ... tags do 

These do nothing but serve as place holders @ the moment. 

> and need to have in them so they can be implemented. 

This will be worked on as we settled down on the changing of 
the basic ALFS backend/tag_handlers. I think we have that basis
now, waiting for code merges, and then we can get into exact details.

> Also I believe certain attributes should be changed to elements -
> specifically: dir, param, file.  There are others.  Frankly this first copy
> is a real mess and I know it so don't yell at me yet.

D*MM*T Oh i wasn't suppose to yell. Sorry.  :)

I like the beginnings of your DTD. What suggestions do you have 
for param if we did make it an element? How should that work? Work
in the backend? Why change dir and file??? 

What are the other problems?


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