alfs ftp

Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Wed Feb 14 13:50:47 PST 2001


I am looking for someone who wants to 
maintain an alfs ftp site for a little while.

is the url for both http and ftp.

Currently the packages are aligned with LFS 2.4.4

What we are wanting with the alfs ftp, is to make 
sure that the CVS profiles stay in synch with the
ftp packages. We need to do this until we have frontends,
auto profile generators, or something that deals with
versions, .tar.gz vs .tar.bz2 etc. 

While we are working out those issues, we want to 
maintain a standard ftp site that we can point everyone
to who tries alfs. 

Any takers on making sure the ftp site/cvs profiles 
stay in synch?


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