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Vince Rodriguez atgrim at
Wed Feb 14 19:27:12 PST 2001

If no one with experience is willing to take it on, I am willing to learn. Just
let me know what I need to do.

Vince Rodriguez

Bryan Dumm wrote:

> On Thursday 15 February 2001 03:05, you wrote:
> > > Any takers on making sure the ftp site/cvs profiles
> > > stay in synch?
> >
> > Wouldn't it make sense to keep the ALFS ftp space in sync with the latest
> > book as well? Really all that's in is
> > just a copy what's in
> >|intel-packages|ppc-packages
> > as well. Unless you want to make changes to the profiles that cause ALFS
> > not be in sync with the current LFS book?
> All I am saying is
> I sit on #alfs and I hear consistantly
> error
> oh wait the package versions are wrong
> the .tar.bz2 is a .tar.gz
> etc.
> I get tired of answering the same thing, and no longer have a
> proper reference to point anyone to as
> changed
> and so did the CVS profiles.
> Current LFS book would be 2.4.4 right. So the ALFS
> should be the same? I thought it was but maybe Gerard
> put CVS 3.0 packages in the ftp? I dunno, just know it's
> not in synch, I have no useful reference and was just trying
> to fix that.
> How it's done, whom does it, matters none to me :)
> Just give me that url I can point to that will always work with
> the CVS profiles and I will be happy. :)
> Bryan
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