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Jason Gurtz jason at
Mon Feb 26 13:38:04 PST 2001

> Thanks for the Backend-Hint Jason, I can know throw away my poor bash
> script attempt at an ALFS!

Thx!  :)

> Unfortunately, I do not have much knowledge of perl and XML and am
> finding it difficult to understand what alfs_app does and how it
> interacts with the XML files.  Your hint says to edit the chapter files,
> but what role does the profile.xml file play?  It seems to have the same
> tags that you suggest need to be changed in the chap* files.

I took a look, and profile.xml, looks to be a combined chap4, chap5, and
chap6.  So if you're _sure_ it'll all go through the first time, you could
just use that one vice the individual chapter files.

> I would like to use the profile Nicholas Dille posted but don't know
> how.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated, whilst I try to get up to
> speed with perl.

I'll assume you mean the profile that can be found here:

    I havn't gotton a chance to look in depth (bah, too much life recently),
but just like profile.xml, it's an all-in-one type of profile.    Basicly
use it just like the other profiles ./alfs_app

    Look at the whole setup like this(may not be strictly acurate):

(instructions)	| Profile.xml |
		        ^	 	|
		        |	 	V
			  |	+----------+    +-----------+
(backend)		  |	| alfs_app |<-->| /handlers |
			  |	+----------+    +-----------+
			  |	   ^		     	|
			  |	   |			|
			  ^	   V			|
(User Interface)	+~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~+		|
(not done yet)	| Front End	|		|
			+~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~+		|
			+--------------------+  |
(output)		| (un)Desired Result |<-/

A few of the arrows may be going/pointing other ways, but that's pretty much
the gist of the whole deal as I see it.  Others correct plz if I'm wrong.
The point is that it's modular (very HURD like if I do say) so that
backend/frontend can be whatever: perl, C, C++, ASM, etc... for ease of
change and maintainance.  Look in ALFS/docs/syntax/syntax.txt for
understanding of the how the profile is put together.

    Actually, I should mention (needs to be added to hint) that you should
run ./alfs_app from the /backend dir.  I.E. don't try to run from the
profile dir like ../backend/alfs_app ./profile.xml  I'm sure there's a way
around this, but not too familiar with perl my self to know how.  Also,
watch the path's you put into the !ENTITY entries.  They are absolute, but
in the case of &packagesDir; and &buildDir;, the &LFS; is prepended in the
way the tags are setup below.  for example if you set &LFS;="/lfs" and
&packagesDir;="/lfs/usr/src"  the end result would be /lfs/lfs/usr/src,
which is prolly not what U had in mind so &packagesDir; would be /usr/src in
this case....



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