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Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at
Mon Feb 26 15:24:36 PST 2001


On Mon, Feb 26, 2001 at 04:38:04PM -0500, Jason Gurtz wrote:
> I took a look, and profile.xml, looks to be a combined chap4, chap5, and
> chap6.  So if you're _sure_ it'll all go through the first time, you could
> just use that one vice the individual chapter files.

profile.xml was the initial profile created by myself and Gerard, Neven
and Bryan split it up into chapters and since then it hasn't been
updated, i don't suggest you use it, use the per chapter profiles.

>     Actually, I should mention (needs to be added to hint) that you should
> run ./alfs_app from the /backend dir.  I.E. don't try to run from the
> profile dir like ../backend/alfs_app ./profile.xml  I'm sure there's a way
> around this, but not too familiar with perl my self to know how.  Also,
> watch the path's you put into the !ENTITY entries.  They are absolute, but
> in the case of &packagesDir; and &buildDir;, the &LFS; is prepended in the
> way the tags are setup below.  for example if you set &LFS;="/lfs" and
> &packagesDir;="/lfs/usr/src"  the end result would be /lfs/lfs/usr/src,
> which is prolly not what U had in mind so &packagesDir; would be /usr/src in
> this case....

buildDir, Eh? the default profiles in CVS use builddir.. me thinks Jason
has been using my 2.4.4 profiles i have up on :)

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