todo list

Simon Perreault nomis80 at
Thu Jan 4 09:58:39 PST 2001

On Thursday 04 January 2001 06:44, Bryan Dumm wrote:
> - syntax document needs updated
> - profile update to 2.4.3
> - alfs advocacy docs need to be sent to gerard, start putting together
> - neven's code changes need to be merged
> - neven/bdumm incompatibilities need fixed(in code)
> - contrib directory for extra scripts like neven needs added
> - new code changes need tested up through chap5
> - whitespace issues need fixed
> - "" xml::twig problems need fixed
> - chroot needs to be thought out, coded
> - any more error subroutine changes?
> - messaging from alfs in general(suppose to be xml based...)
> - exploration of Net::Jabber or Jabber in general for messaging
> - easy way to make new/future changes to code, tags, etc. and to
>   have it implemented quickly instead of by hand....

Add that to the TODO file in the CVS. We gotta use CVS more, it's so 
efficient and productive. Communication among us will be a lot better.

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