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didbaba didbaba at
Wed Jan 10 13:50:10 PST 2001

Le Wed, Jan 10, 2001 at 04:11:33PM -0500 , Gerard Beekmans écrivait un message.
> > I think that there is a major problem with the find script : He do no see
> > if there is a file that is rewritten. I know that some package erase some
> > file, and put their file instead. Don't ask what package, I do not
> > remember. And if you re install a package over an old one you see nothing.
> > ( I can find the name of this package if you have a command that look for
> > the same name in all my list-package-file)
> It's a personal thing right now. I myself don't care about files being 
> replaced. All I need is a list of files installed by a package so I can 
> remove the files when uninstalling a package. If a static bash binary is 
> replaced by a dynamic bash binary, I still will have /bin/bash in that file 
> to remove when I want to uninstall.

Except if the first package need this thing that you uninstall with the second package. (It's probably a windows syndrom :)

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