chroot fix

Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Thu Jan 11 03:51:20 PST 2001

david from #lfs pointed out....

<david_> bryan: I think adding the use statement is the cleanest way to 
preload things used inside the <chroot>
<bdumm> i am confused on use statement
<bdumm> use XML::Twig; 
<bdumm> you mean?
<david_> use File::Basename;
<david_> ;-)
<bdumm> oh
<bdumm> hey good point
<bdumm> :)
* bdumm  always is missing the "obvious"

and well you know it works just fine.....

I am making cvs updates....

So now I am going to chmod alfs to 755(?) and then 
we can just tell people cvs co, and then run 

../alfs profile....


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