Updated syntax.txt (was: looking for syntax wor...)

Bryan Dumm bdumm at bobby.bcpub.com
Fri Jan 12 05:21:43 PST 2001

> > So far umm yes, unless people want to kill the notag scenario....
> This one does. :)

well that's two of us, plus Alex the syntax writer.... :)

> > Tag value: alternate configure command (!= "./configure")
> >
> > what does this mean?
> I assume the configure command that is _not_ "./configure".
> Like "../gcc-2.95.2/configure" for example. I agree it's a bit confusing.

Yes my thoughts also....

> <makefs>
> 	I'm not sure if there is way other then system command?

umm I think this one should be a system command still

> <permissions>
> 	We should implement it (MAKEDEV, yacc, makewhatis, files in /var,
> 	scripts, etc. And not just for LFS profile.)

This one is used enough to justify it's own element imho...

> <setenv>/<unsetenv>
> 	It's not really needed, but it can make things look prettier?

prettier??? I say kill them...


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