tag_permissions() added

Neven Has haski at sezampro.yu
Mon Jan 15 12:12:52 PST 2001


I added <permissions> support to the backend and updated the profile to use it.

	<permissions dir="/dev" set="755">MAKEDEV</permissions>

"dir" is optional and defaults to "/" if not present.
"set" is required and uses only a numeric mode for now.
(maybe we should replace it with "mode" or "perm" ?)

BTW, in almost every tag which uses "dir", that attribute now defaults to "/" 
when missing. This does not apply to <configure>/<make>/<make_install>, nor 
<chroot>. Andy, perhaps you could put a note about that either in every tag 
description, or as a general rule?
Of course, maybe we shouldn't do this at all but make that attribute required?


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