annoying directory names

Nicholas Dille DarkYeti at
Mon Jan 15 14:14:56 PST 2001

> Yes we had went around on the &name; &version; issue
> before, and I guess we should go around again....
> Also david brought up <!ENTITY linux "linux-2.4.0.tar.gz">
> So umm what should we do here folks...

when alfs had not released any files i actually started on my
own system but when i saw alfs i knew mine was not as sophisticated
so i figured it needed a trash bin ;-)

so i put that one on hold ... but i ran into the same question
and solved it by a perl script that extracted the path from
the archive only if there was a single top-level directory which
was the same on _all_ lines. otherwise it would fail and require
some kind of user interaction ...

would that kind of things be against any of your principles,
techniques of anything similar?


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