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Mon Jan 15 14:53:15 PST 2001


Here is how I see it.  Right now we in the <package> tag we have name
and version options. Make the default working directoy for any tag
between the package tags equal "name-version". This would cover 90% of
the cases. The others can be defined in optional tags such as srcdir and
builddir.  If you want to cover another 5% then you could automate this
by peeking in the archive to get the source directory.  The other 5% are
the manual ones you can't get rid of that easily (glibc, gcc).

I think the most important point is that all tags should default to a
dir defined in the <package> tag.  As for what to outside of <package>,
make it a required parameter.


Bryan Dumm wrote:
> Yes we had went around on the &name; &version; issue
> before, and I guess we should go around again....
> Also david brought up <!ENTITY linux "linux-2.4.0.tar.gz">
> So umm what should we do here folks...
> Bryan

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