Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Thu Jan 18 14:32:23 PST 2001


I was talking with gerard about the 

"Copyright(c) 1998-2000 Gerard Beekmans"

at the bottom of the alfs website. This was only there cause
Gerard used the same website template. But we talked about
how do we accomplish this for the "alfs group"? I talked with 
one of our lawyers about how can we as a group have proper access
to a copyright that we need, to be able to establish the BSD 
license we have in place?

Looking at samples in place like

or the kde group, we think those are good models to follow. 
I think kde's model might be interesting with neven's new module ideas.

Interested in your thoughts. I was going to post this to alfs-discuss
but since lots of the workers are here I thought I'd post here first.
BTW who is a member to this group? What kind of bylaws like the 
apache group would we commit to?

Should we even form such a group? :)


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