ALFS Progress (was: Re: bash: ./configure: No such file or directory)

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Tue Jan 2 14:34:33 PST 2001

> > Bryan and I have talked about this a lot. During last weekend I was down
> > in Ohio to meet with Bryan in real life and we talked quite a bit about
> > ALFS and what direction it can go to. I'll leave that up to Bryan if he
> > doesn't mind writing something up. We think a like on this, he just has a
> > better way of putting it to words.
> I await any applicable post :)

Me too. Although I pretty much konw what he's going to say, he always adds a 
few new points to the discussion.

> btw, is there an initiative in place to do a website right now? - just
> curious...

jesse started something, whic I will finish as soon as I've talked to Jesse. 
but he's gone for the week and the site needs to be up end of this week. 
Perhpas I'll just rip whatever he has on (i believe that's 
where he put it) and expand on it. Basically it's the exact LFS site but of 
course made for ALFS. I can have an ALFS site up and running in a few minutes 
(just changing a few php files around and add some text) which looks exactly 
like the LFS site. This helps when I change the LFS site itself to a new 
layout, ALFS will change accordingly.

> I have to get up to date on the lists.  Since I subscribed, a number of
> lists were dropped and a number of lists were added.  I've been having
> trouble communicating through the e-mail system at work from home,
> lately... long story, as I've insinuated in a few posts lately.  Because
> of that, now might be the optimal time to subscribe from a different
> address and update my subscriptions... contains all of it. A 
lot to read, but pick the subjects that make most sense.

> In any case, it's a wise decision not to simply hand out a leadership
> position.  leadership is not an easy thing to live up to...

So I've noticed ;) At times it's hard to make decision and at times people 
just don't understand (or don't want to) my reasoning, or the global 
reasoning (like when the majority of frequent posters have agreed on 
something), I have to say "Because I said so". I hate saying it (although 
it's very effective ;)

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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