ALFS Progress (was: Re: bash: ./configure: No such file or directory)

Barry barry at
Wed Jan 3 09:27:02 PST 2001

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> > btw, is there an initiative in place to do a website right now? - just
> > curious...
> jesse started something, whic I will finish as soon as I've talked to Jesse.
> but he's gone for the week and the site needs to be up end of this week.
> Perhpas I'll just rip whatever he has on (i believe that's
> where he put it) and expand on it. Basically it's the exact LFS site but of
> course made for ALFS. I can have an ALFS site up and running in a few minutes
> (just changing a few php files around and add some text) which looks exactly
> like the LFS site. This helps when I change the LFS site itself to a new
> layout, ALFS will change accordingly.

easy modification is a good thing :) ... especially with large projects
like this...

> > I have to get up to date on the lists.  Since I subscribed, a number of
> > lists were dropped and a number of lists were added.  I've been having
> > trouble communicating through the e-mail system at work from home,
> > lately... long story, as I've insinuated in a few posts lately.  Because
> > of that, now might be the optimal time to subscribe from a different
> > address and update my subscriptions...
> contains all of it. A
> lot to read, but pick the subjects that make most sense.

yep, been there...has come in handy quite often :)

> > In any case, it's a wise decision not to simply hand out a leadership
> > position.  leadership is not an easy thing to live up to...
> So I've noticed ;) At times it's hard to make decision and at times people
> just don't understand (or don't want to) my reasoning, or the global
> reasoning (like when the majority of frequent posters have agreed on
> something), I have to say "Because I said so". I hate saying it (although
> it's very effective ;)

hey, if someone doesn't like the direction, nothing's stopping them from
going off and forming another project...

This is Open Source, complaints are a waste of time :)...

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