Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Sun Jan 7 16:56:02 PST 2001

On Monday 08 January 2001 05:49, you wrote:
> > I logged the building of chapter 6, and when it was over, I got this nice
> > file:
> > - -rw-r--r--   1 root     root     2147483647 Jan  7 18:37 chap6_log.txt
> >
> > Notice the size?...<snip>
> Yeah, isn't that near the max file size of a standard ext2 fs?  I haven't
> looked at or tried the product (yet), but maybe it would be wise to make a
> seperate log for each seperate prog (and optionally bz2 or gz it)
> just a thought...

Yep been thought about some. Hasn't been done yet. 
Goal one was to get working xml elements. So far that 
seems to have been accomplished, and I hope we add
several nice ways to manage the process...


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