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Bryan Dumm bryan at bcpub.com
Mon May 7 21:51:43 PDT 2001

> Personally I think I will just create a ramfs disk, then unpack a tarball
> into it with everything that should be in it.
> i.e.
> chroot to the root of your new disk (be it CD or otherwise), then softlink
> things like /var to /ramdisk/var. Create everything you need in /ramdisk,
> then tarball it all up and unpack it to /ramdisk on boot. Simple.
> ./andy

Yea I can see how this would work when setting up the cd

mv something /ramfiles
ln -s /ramfiles/something
cd /somewhere_else
mv something_else /ramfiles
ln -s /ramfiles/something_else
and so on...

tar -zcvf ramfiles.tar.gz ramfiles/

and make an unpack ramfiles and mount tmpfs change to rcS or 
something fun like that?


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