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Douglas J. Hunley root at
Thu May 10 12:28:03 PDT 2001

On Thursday 10 May 2001 11:23, Bryan Dumm babbled:

> Nope. Thats what I think. :) How many 386's or 486's do you know that
> have a bootable cdrom drive, much less a cdrom drive at all. :) Maybe a
> bootdisk and some 486's but I think your pushing it in 386 land. This is
> why I just choose i586 before.... Anyone with an opinion on this, what
> should be done?

erm... true. didn't think about that one. well, we could always use a boot 
disk that then loads the live fs from the cdrom...

> I think you are fairly close to what we have discussed with ALFS. Please
> check out the mail archives, code, and website for furthur details :). Hope
> ALFS works for you like it has for us. Please contribute. ;)

/me off to research...
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