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Fri May 11 06:06:41 PDT 2001

Yo Bryan!

here comes the report for 2.4.4/style2/uptokernel

bad side: (no big deal)
-kernel version 2.2.17 in the profile and 2.2.18 in the directory
-gnutar patch - compressed on the filesystem (not in profile)
-part of static tar install fails (trying to install to /usr/bin instead of
-consoletools patch is gzipped in directory (but not in profile)
-sysklogd patch - bzipped in dir (not in profile)
-sysvinit patch - bzipped in dir (not in profile)

good side:
-little more than 2 hours to build the system on my laptop (I did the kernel
2.4.4 by hand at the end)
-everything works, once you restart the alfs_app after the kernel version
modification in the profile, just uncompress the patches by hand and hit retry
when you have a problem
-colleagues are very impressed by ALFS (they saw me doing LFS before, ...)
-they all bugged me for a copy of the alfs-cd
-I am now building a 2.4.4/style2/uptokernel on another laptop for a colleague
(to replace win2k) while having fun with the CD 3.0.0 profile on mine



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