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Jason Gurtz jason at
Fri May 11 07:05:19 PDT 2001

> Hmm /me not being a fan of telnet I left it out. Should it be in???

Yea, I still use it on local net's

> tftp? what for? /me confused...

Quick and dirty file transfer, but not really neccary, just a thought...

> lynx/links/w3m was considered, just not added this time. What is
> everyone's
> favorite?

I tried w3m a (longish)while ago for the table support, the found links and
never looked back.  Uses the arrows just like lynx, d for download,
<insert>/<deleate>/<[>/<]> for scrolling  the thing is tho, lynx supports
quite a bit more then 'simple' web browsing.  I've yet to use it for
extended features, but I know it does neat stuff like stripping html tags
and other neat stuff in shell scripts.  Dunno how many people use those
other features?  My vote's for Links anyways.

> Yea I built it with a i686 base at the moment. I tried i586
> before, but we
> found some problems. Should I rebuild one @ i586 or go lower? How about
> a i586 and we find some other development for a i486 or special
> requirement
> type of deal? I wanna take it to a fairly common level, but I
> hadn't planned
> on making a one size fits all type of cd. Unless others want to
> help make that
> work, as I wouldn't have that type of time... :)

Yea, pentiums are at the same price now basicly as a 486 and at least as
common,  good points on the AMD/Cyrix things from others tho...



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