k6-2 500, 256mb, 13gb partiton

Jason Gurtz jason at tommyk.com
Thu May 17 07:55:05 PDT 2001

> is there any documentation on howto build a lfs.iso image, that'll work
> on my k6-2, as i have other machines i wish to build, one a 166mmx.
> is it a simple case of modifyin the kernel config file.

There is the boot cd hint here:
2&content-type=text/plain  and also some good discussion has happened on
this ML recently, so browsing through the archives might not be a bad idea.
Also, a neat little uname hack appeared on lfs-apps I believe.  It's usfull
when you want to use your blazing athlon or P3 system to compile stuff for
your lowly 486 or pentium/k6* box.

AFAIK, Bryan's intent was for his next boot cd to be for i586 and above.
So, if you don't mind waiting....



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