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Sat Sep 1 21:29:58 PDT 2001

	Sorry for lack of threading...still w/o my proper email account, but
monitoring the archives now  ;)  I'd re-subscribe, but I don't have the
time/incenation to set up a real filtering sustem, etc on this box.

	Any contributions whould be greatly apreciated in the profile area  =D
Just send them to this list and for the time being, if you could cc: to
flake at then I'll add them in the archive in my dir.

	Seems like this project is really ramping up lately which is an
exciting and good thing.  I've had Mike sending in some profiles and
updates to the original perl alfs code, adding in some handlers, and
etc....  Then there's nALFS' recent release.  Also, the now not so recent
start of the blfs project is adding on to LFS to start defining a real
distro replacment with all the nicities that ppl miss when they are first
done with their new lfs system.  What does this mean for ALFS?  I think it
means that we better get our act together!  The alfs website is long
needing an update and now with interest at an all time high it is
difficult for new people to come on board and be searching around
everywhere to figure out where to start.  I'd really like to update the
website my self this next week and organize a little bit :)  A proper
repository for profiles whould really help out I think.  There has been
discussion about new syntax for alfs  There is somthing here: and
also there is a rather nice looking somthing here:  also in cvs now IIRC.
Still, untill that is final and there is software to parse that new syntax
I think it whould be in the interest of more rapid development to get more
LFS and BLFS (and beyond that even) profiles in the cvs, on the web site,
and generaly available for people to use.
	At this point I whould like to ask if people whould join me in
thinking that it's a good idea to put nALFS on the alfs web site and/or
in cvs?

	Actually, on second thought, I'll subscribe this addy to just
alfs-discuss for now  *g*

Cheers all,



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