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Tue Sep 4 11:11:57 PDT 2001

On 2001-09-03, Paul Campbell doth wrote:

> Would it be a good idea to decided which syntax and backend to use now,
> rather than have half people write profiles for one backend/syntax and some
> for others.  This could be a real pain in the end.  And I'm not sure which to
> learn properly.

Yes, we should.  I'll post the proposed new syntax shortly, and we can
all discuss it well.  In brief the advantages of the new proposed syntax
are easier to understand more hierical tags. This means less parameters
for each tag, instead using subtags.  This should make it easier to
learn/write profiles.  On the other hand, the current syntax is
supported, it's pretty easy, and people haven't really complained about
it too much.  So, anyways, as soon as I have E-mail re-setup for work,
I'll mail it off to this list.

> I'd love to get into wrting profiles, but unfortunately I'm choosing on
> cutting my teeth adding to the LFS3.0 base profile, to copy over essential
> sysconfig etc from the host.  Things like /etc/hosts, inputrc, and
> /etc/lilo.conf etc. and 'll need to work something out for /etc/fstab.  I say
> unfortunately cause making these additions useful to all would be near
> impossible as you can imagine.

Any additions are wanted and needed  :)

> I'm off to see what the prospects of a 3.0rc1 profile are. :)

Looks like Nevan released one :)




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