ALFS profile syntax, version 2

Nicolas Nieswandt Nicolas.N at
Fri Sep 14 04:58:35 PDT 2001

Let's start :)

Neven has already a good implementation of a syntax. 
I've got only some thoughts about the structur.

There should be one system specific profile eg. my-lfs-3.0.xml

In this are all system entities like :


we have to find a standard for this. All profiles I 
found had another nameing style. But that's no big trouble.

Next the structur of the install process :

<!-- my-lfs-3.0.xml -->
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE alfs [

<!ENTITY LFS "/mnt/lfs">
<!ENTITY packages_dir "/usr/mnt/sources">
<!ENTITY build_dir "/mnt/lfs/usr/src">


   <package xml:link="bash" href="bash-static.xml" />
   <chroot dir="&LFS;">
      <package xml:link="bash" href="bash.xml" />
      <package xml:link="x11"  href="x11.xml"  />
<!-- EOF -->

<!-- bash.xml -->
<?xml version="1.0"?>

<!DOCTYPE alfs [

<!ENTITY bash-version "2.04">
<!ENTITY bash-package "bash-2.04.tar.bz2">
<!ENTITY bash-directory "bash-2.04">


<package name="bash" version="&bash-version;">
       <unpack archive="&packagesDir;/&bash-package;">
       <make   dir="&buildDir;/bash-build"
               param1="--with-ncurses" />
       <make_install dir="&buildDir;/bash-build" />
<!-- EOF -->

The x11.xml may be another system like profile with only links eg.

<package xml:link="zlib" href="zlib.xml">
<package xml:link="freetype2" href="freetype2.xml">
<package xml:link="XFree86" href="xfree86.xml">

What do you think so far ?

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